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Anyone can reference an artist

Cost and Ethics

The Localise Music website offers free services and is the result of the will of the Music Park association for the independence, autonomy and emancipation of artists. These free services do not include any hidden counterpart such as data exploitation, it is not a question here of the famous sentence: "If it is free, you are the product". Nor is it planned that these services will eventually be paid for in a hidden way that will deceive these users and attract them. Depending on the needs, it may be possible to organise campaigns to raise funds for the maintenance of the site, but no one will ever be asked to pay anything. This is why the functioning of the site will remain as simple as possible for a cost that will remain minimal for the Music Park association.


How it works

Anyone can participate in the referencing of artists' websites in this music directory. Indeed, you can use it as a free user or as an artist or a representative of an artist, a group or an orchestra, etc....

  • To use it as a free user you just need to log in with an email address and a password and register on this page.
  • To use it as an artist or artist's representative you just need to log in with an email address and password and register on this page and if you want to validate your account as an official artist account you will need to fill in the artist account validation form on this page.


The same artist cannot be referenced twice, if the artist is already referenced by a free user. To make this referencing an "official artist account", it is necessary to make a direct request for validation of the artist account by indicating the page of the referenced artist. If the request is accepted, the applicant will become the author of the referencing and the free user who referenced the artist will no longer have any action on this referencing. This does not mean that the Free User's account will be deleted, but the Free User will simply lose control over the listing. The free user will still be able to log in and possibly create other listings.


Concerning free users :

- We would like to warn you about the use of images that you insert to illustrate the referencing of an artist. Indeed, you must make sure that the image you use is not distributed with copyright constraints. If you can't find a royalty-free image, you can leave this field blank or you can create one yourself with an image creation software like the free GIMP.

- For links to an audio or video track, the link must be to a page that is accessible without having to log in to access the audio or video track. The best practice, as long as it is possible, is to put a link to a page on the artist's website where you can listen to an audio track or watch a video.


Concerning the user artists:

- To reference yourself, you just have to register as an artist and to reference yourself, then to transmit us your request of account officialization if you want to validate the account offcialization. The verifications will be manual because they cannot be automated in cases where you do not have an email address in the name of your site.

Therefore :

- If you have an email address in the name of your site following the model contact/, contact us with this address and you will be directly admitted as an official account. The listing will then be indicated as official and you will also be able to indicate an e-mail contact in the listing if you wish.

- If you do not have an email address in the name of your site according to the model contact/, contact us with the address of your choice and send us the documents that you consider useful to prove that you are the artist or the representative of the group or the orchestra, (for French artists you can also, in addition to the documents, send us a telephone number which will be used for the verification, by not forgetting to send us an associated name) Once the verification is done, the listing will be indicated as official and you can also, if you wish, indicate an email contact in the listing.


A new service :

Localise Music now offers a classifieds service that allows musicians to get in touch with each other when they are looking for a musician, a band, an orchestra, a DJ, etc.