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Artist Account Validation

Anyone can create an artist listing on the Localise Music directory of artist websites. So if you are an artist :

  • either your site is not yet listed, then you can open an artist account and list your site. However, you can ask for your account to be validated as an official artist account, thus giving a useful indication for professional users in the music and entertainment industry. On the other hand, the official referencing by the artist himself (or his official representative) allows you to have access to some additional options.
  • either your site is already referenced, you can take control of this referencing by requesting the validation of your user account as an artist account. Thus, the referencing already carried out will be assigned to your account and the person who previously referenced your site will no longer have access to edit the referencing of your site. You will be able to thank this person, for having referenced your site and having had the heart to make discover your website, in the way that it suits you by having the possibility of sending him a message via the site


Why the validation of the artist account:

If we were to leave the freedom to indicate whether the artist's website listing is created officially by the artist (or their official representative) when listing, we can be sure that people who are not the artist (or official representative) of the artist would indicate "listed by" "Official Artist" even though this would not be the case. Although we would prefer to leave this freedom, thus facilitating the listing of the site with the indication "Official Artist", in order to be able to give fair information to the users of the directory, we have chosen to ask for a proof to indicate an "Official Artist" listing. This includes a procedure for the artist (or their official representative) and we are sorry if this is inconvenient for you, but we hope you will understand such a step.

So we want you to know that no information submitted for the official artist account validation request will be used for anything other than validating the account, will not be passed on to anyone else and especially not to any third party organisation, and that this information will be destroyed once the account is validated. This is a very important issue for us and one for which there will never be any change in operation.

To access the "Artist" account validation form, you must log in or open an account.